Fried noodles

Yushutsu-yo 3 Shoku Yakisoba

  • Yushutsu-yo 3 Shoku Yakisoba
  • Yushutsu-yo 3 Shoku Yakisoba

Product features

We developed a temperature/ time method for steaming noodles to help bring out the unique chewiness of steamed noodles. By using easy-to-handle, fine-powder sauce you can reproduce that savory sauce flavor. (Stir-fry after defrosting in the microwave for 1 minute)

  • Preparing frozen needles


[ Noodles ]
Water, Wheat flour, Salt, Potassium carbonate, Sodium carbonate.

[ Sauce base ]
Water, Vegetables(Onion, Carrot, King oyster mushroom, Cabbage), Apple vinegar, Sugar, Chinese soy sauce, Salt, Concentrated dates juice, Concentrated apple juice, Olive oil, Tomato paste, Yeast extract, Sake,spices, Guar gum.

Product dimensions

250mm x 360mm x 70mm

Case dimensions

405mm x 225mm x (186mm x 2)

Case description

2 x 10 x 540g (Bundle)

Final manufacturing prefecture

Saitama prefecture

Best-before period

12 months

Preservation method

Keep Frozen. (Must keep below -18℃)

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